• Kiva hugging dancer after salsa dancing performance

    experience the joy of finally getting it right…

    Learning to dance comes easy to some, but for many it takes practice. One thing that never changes is the absolute joy of finally nailing the movement you've been practicing. The hardest part is taking that first step. Sign up for a class at your level today.

  • Austin salsa dancing, led by experience…

    Prior to opening her studio in California, Kiva performed with the Guadalajara based salsa company Salsa y Tumbao. Learn more about Austin Salsa Instructor Kiva Mahoney.

  • kiva and brian dancing


    rediscover your playful side…

    Dancing brings out that inner, playful side that reminds us not to take ourselves so serious. To help inspire you to rediscover your playful side, you may want to learn how dancing improves our health.

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